Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Wii are on the Internet

    Wii sites keep coming and coming and it does not seem to stop. A new Wii health site is open and it covers both physical and mental excersise games.  You can also check out Nintendo YouTube and MySpace pages if you are into those sites  or read the Nintendopedia on all things Nintendo. If you are into the Wii news scene then check out the industry insider Falafelkid’s blog Wii: Definitive Speculation.

I was busy preparing for a class this summer so I didn’t have time to post last week. I’m now running three blogs,  one is my own blog that’s about anything I’m thinking about while the other one is a joint effort between me and my Grandpa.  That site is called Easier Living and it covers topics that help make your life easier and spend less. It  is kind of like this site as it works like an encyclopedia. You will be able to find it at blogger.com.

Wii: Definitive Specualtion



Nintendo’s  YouTube page

MySpace Wii page {Wii Optimized}


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Wii are a comunitii

There are plenty of good sites out there on the internet about the Wii but there are only a few that I constantly visit. These sites that I found have something about them that makes it worthwhile to check back often. They are not big but they have a lot of quality to them along with a friendly inviting atmosphere that makes you want to come back to them. I hope you join their communities and support them as they are worth while to have in the community.


Nintendo Gal

The Hylia {more then just Zelda}

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different news for different languages.

The dutch site Wii and Mii discovered an interesting quirk about the Wiinews Channel. Depending on what language you speak, When you switch from dutch to english, you get more and maybe different articals. Not every country is getting the same news so if you want more switch to english or another language. here is atranslation of the artical.

Nevertheless but Wii “in English”?

After I this afternoon the update for the nieuwskanaal gedownload had, I found the number of nieuwsberichten but sparing. Then I came on the idea of changing the language of the Wii. The verchil between the number of nieuwsberichten in English are enormous. Hopelijk with arrival of more regional news in the “end version”, such as Nintendo it changes this formulated on their Internet site. On photograph mentioned below you can compare the number of bulletins.

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Watching on the WiiToob

A new video viewing site was made for the wii called Wiitoob makes viewing youtube video’s easy with big buttons and big print. This is another way to have fun watching tv. There is not alot to it right know but in time more functonality and presentation should improve and be added. Give these guys your support.


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More Wii sites for you

I’m getting tired so this might be the last news for tonight. Here is two good sites that you should see. Have fun!



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Wii strong together

The wii communitiys are strong and here are some of them.




WiiSixty Concepts

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Wii are a Community

Uniting the Wii community is a dream I have, okay a hope, that I wish for. Untill this happens enjoy these communities for you.






The WiiFourms







Welcome to Codename Revolution




Talk Wii



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Wii Blogin all night long

You can never get enough reading material for your Wii fun so here is a load of reading to suit your needs. All of the sites are great to go to so chose any one you like.

Nintendo Wii Blog


Wii Virtual console

Free My Wii

Wii Veal

Wii Blog

All about Wii


MY Wii

Codename Revolution

Get Wiid

Broken Controllers

Wii News Resorce


Nintendo 24/7



The Wii Experiance

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