Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Wii are on the Internet

    Wii sites keep coming and coming and it does not seem to stop. A new Wii health site is open and it covers both physical and mental excersise games.  You can also check out Nintendo YouTube and MySpace pages if you are into those sites  or read the Nintendopedia on all things Nintendo. If you are into the Wii news scene then check out the industry insider Falafelkid’s blog Wii: Definitive Speculation.

I was busy preparing for a class this summer so I didn’t have time to post last week. I’m now running three blogs,  one is my own blog that’s about anything I’m thinking about while the other one is a joint effort between me and my Grandpa.  That site is called Easier Living and it covers topics that help make your life easier and spend less. It  is kind of like this site as it works like an encyclopedia. You will be able to find it at blogger.com.

Wii: Definitive Specualtion



Nintendo’s  YouTube page

MySpace Wii page {Wii Optimized}


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You can do it

One guy is try to lose weight by using the Wii while monitoring is physical activity and food intake.  This should be useful in showing how effective the Wii is towards helping you lose weight. It’s worth reading about his progress and I hope he loses the weight and stays at 190 pounds. Good Luck J.R.

Wii Weight Loss Plan

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Wii are a comunitii

There are plenty of good sites out there on the internet about the Wii but there are only a few that I constantly visit. These sites that I found have something about them that makes it worthwhile to check back often. They are not big but they have a lot of quality to them along with a friendly inviting atmosphere that makes you want to come back to them. I hope you join their communities and support them as they are worth while to have in the community.


Nintendo Gal

The Hylia {more then just Zelda}

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More Wiinternet tools for you!

Wii compatable sites will never stop. Everyone giving so much support for the wii and they deserve alot of thanks for doing these things for us. It is always good to have these Wiicompatable sites give featurews to the Wii so nobody will think twice to buy other systems for their entertainment features. Sure the Wii does not have these features by defualt but I think these sites make up for this. Here are some more entertainment for you.



Wiink [wii portal]

Wii’re gamers arcade

Doodle [game]

City Creator

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More wii sites to be apart of

It never ends does it. More and more communities keep popping up and I start to feel overwelmed. Unlike RawmeatCowboy over at GoNintendo.com who runs the site as a job and does a wonderful job too. I’m doing this for free while balancing my life. I chose to make this site and I intendo to follow through. So here is some sites to hang out at.




The tanooki




Nintendo wii news.net


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Wii concerns

There are people out there who have concers for the Wii and they have some interesting points to read. One site is exclusive dedicated called Nintendon’t.  Have fun reading.

Wii the people

8 warning signs of wii sports


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I was wrong Milltary Madness was the first

Since I’m so behind in updating, I’m bound to make a mistake considering I have 76 links to looks through. Millitary Madness was the first to be updated and like with Mario Kark 64, you can find the update in the Millitary Madness game. This update fixes framerate issues and fixes color pallete issues. Any update is a good update in my book unless it involves DRM.

Millitary Madness info

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Mario Kart 64 update

Nintendo realeased an update about an week ago that fixes some things but I’m not sure what they are. You will find it at the Mario Kart 64 download page and it’s free. download it and see what happens. We now know that Nintendo will update Virtual console games.

Mario kart update info

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Glitch Loving

More glitches are being found in the games and they are quite crazy to watch. If you love to find glitches then these links are for you to watch.

Excite truck

Twilight Princess 1

Twilight Princess 2

Twilight princess 3

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New Channel Released!

Probably everyone knows by know since it has been three days since the channels release but to keep up to date, Everybody votes channel has been realeased for the Wii. This can be gotten in the Wiiwares section in the shopping channel for free. It does not take up too much space so don’t worry unless your wii is filled with virtual console games. The channel allows you to register up to 6 mii’s at a time to vote on subjects and compare your self to the world. You can also try to see how well tuned in you are by trying to predict the results. Great for those who want to be analysts someday. Another nice thing about it is you can send questions to Nintendo and it might apear on the channel. The resualts seam to take about 3 hours before they are uploaded. Download the channel today and join in the fun.


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