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Minigame on Wii Browser

On the Super Mario Strikers European site, there is a mini game which you can only access on the Wii browser. I don’t know if you can find it on the American site. GoNintendo reported the tip from some of their readers.¬† Try it out today!

Mario Strikers Charged Wii browser mini game


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Wiicommunity never dies

This wii community will never die only evolve and expand to beyound.more sites out there that need to be known to us all if we want a united community. More sites come out faster then I can update. Here they are.

Wii UK

Wii the People

Friendcodes Source

Think Wii

 pimp my Wii

N’Gai Croal’s Level up

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More wii sites to be apart of

It never ends does it. More and more communities keep popping up and I start to feel overwelmed. Unlike RawmeatCowboy over at GoNintendo.com who runs the site as a job and does a wonderful job too. I’m doing this for free while balancing my life. I chose to make this site and I intendo to follow through. So here is some sites to hang out at.




The tanooki




Nintendo wii news.net


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I was wrong Milltary Madness was the first

Since I’m so behind in updating, I’m bound to make a mistake considering I have 76 links to looks through. Millitary Madness was the first to be updated and like with Mario Kark 64, you can find the update in the Millitary Madness game. This update fixes framerate issues and fixes color pallete issues. Any update is a good update in my book unless it involves DRM.

Millitary Madness info

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New Channel Released!

Probably everyone knows by know since it has been three days since the channels release but to keep up to date, Everybody votes channel has been realeased for the Wii. This can be gotten in the Wiiwares section in the shopping channel for free. It does not take up too much space so don’t worry unless your wii is filled with virtual console games. The channel allows you to register up to 6 mii’s at a time to vote on subjects and compare your self to the world. You can also try to see how well tuned in you are by trying to predict the results. Great for those who want to be analysts someday. Another nice thing about it is you can send questions to Nintendo and it might apear on the channel. The resualts seam to take about 3 hours before they are uploaded. Download the channel today and join in the fun.


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Wii Demo’s ?

It looks like their is a possibility that Nintendo will allow you to download demos to your wii. You can store them in ether the harddrive or the sd card. A NOE speaker stated this. I’m mearly basing it on WiiareFree German website. Here is the translated artical.

“Wii owners with InterNet connection will be able themselves to download demo versions of Wii plays. There were assumptions already longer, now however is official it: Apart from Virtual CONSOLE plays Wii owners with InterNet entrance will be able to download also demo versions of Wii titles. This was confirmed by a speaker of Nintendo OF Europe opposite the “Games current”. One can store the demos then either in 512 MT the large Flashspeicher of the console or on a separately available SD map. Which demos make the beginning, Nintendo wants shortly admits to give. There one can be pleased drauf. Then one must rely with the purchase of a play no longer only on tests, but one can try the play out before then finally.”

Wiidemo’s comming soon

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Unite us all

Annother Mii trading site has made it to the net but this time it’s different. It’s kind of like an adress book where you can discribe yourself and alot of other stuff. This site strives to be a community. It’s got quite a nice interface and looks like it will have an big community. Come join it if you want.


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Wii community still keeps on growing

Some more sites I found of the internet. I need to get a life. For know enjoy these sites

Modding: Wiimotemods




Connect Mii

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Welcome foreigners

I cover the english first since I’m american and it’s hard enough as it is to cover english much less french. Well I have delayed long enough and added foriegn websites. I see what I can do about adding internation support for this site. Here are the sites.

Wii Brazil

Wii insider dutch

Wii and Mii dutch

Wii Italia

TGDB french

Wii4al german?

Wii Board dutch

Wii Forum french

Wii Galaxie french


Wiiarefree french

Nintendo 4ever french

Wiihack dutch

Wiimania french

Wii Portugal

Oh Wii french

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Wii and Mii are Friends

A couple of new sites out their to share your friends codes and mii with each other. Not much to say but have fun and becarefull who you talk to. There are weirdo’s on the internet and I’m not talking about the Sony fanboys.



Rate My Mii


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