Your Guide to Understanding the Wii


Welcome to WiiHelp blog. Here you can learn about all the things you can do with your Wii and to help you with your problems you may have. Think of this as a manuel that gets updated when something new comes up. All of the things I find and post are free and don’t cost money. I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to post in every post no mater how old as news can always change.



  1. Need help. I bought my son a Wii in July and he recently dropped it and it doesn’t play anymore. I’m over seas, stationed in Okinawa Japan and there is no where to take it to get fixed. Help!

    Comment by latrina brockington | September 30, 2007

  2. I have bought a we but I can’t get it in color.It is in black and white.Please help!

    Comment by michael | January 24, 2008

  3. I apologize for not answering an comments for awhile. Latrina, I can’t help you on that. I suggest you go to repair shops, or call Nintendo of japan themselves and see what they will do.

    Michel, do you plug the av cables in the right places? yellow goes in video, white goes in audio left, and red goes in audio right. Other then that I can’t help you as I know nothing about your tv and Wii setup.

    To anyone else who stumbles upon this, please go to http://wiihelp-stealthknight.blogspot.com/ as this site will not be updated anymore.

    Comment by stealthknight1 | January 28, 2008

  4. How do I get wii internet

    Comment by jericho | March 27, 2009

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