Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Wii for Mind and Body

This site somewhat has to do with fitness but not a whloe lot of fitness articles. I’m sure they will start building up soon but for know, it’s just normal articles.



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Love thy Poetry

Someones got some interesting poetry out there about our lovely Wii and I think this person should be reconized. Some cool little entertainment to view with your friends and family on the couch.


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Calculate your gaming success or faliure…

Bitterswiit is a site which has calculators that you can use to track your progress through your games. It’s both a neat little thing and a usefull tool to see how much is left to do accuratly. I hope it’s usefull to you.


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To much Wiiflash

All these wiiflashes are going to give me seizures form constantly uploading them. More flash fun for you. Not much to say really but have fun and be safe.



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More Youtubing fun

Here are some more ways to view youtube content easily for the wii. It’s bound to get confusing for you know we got so much but compition is good.

Wiitube [Japanese but easy enough to use]


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Wii Cheat, well you do

Now there are game cheat sites out there for your cheating needs when I come to the Wii.  I don’t cheat but these sites have interesting cheats and glitches to explore games. I like exploring games and it will be helpfull to others. Enjoy

Nintendo Wii Game Cheats

Wii cheat

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Wii’s in Libraries

This is the most strangest and interesting thing I found.  I don’t know what to say really but It’s great public libraries are taking an interest in the Wii.


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Wii still hack strong

Just like the websites for the wii, the hacking community still grows with many interesting things all for you. Hackers are an amazing set of people. They’re a center for creativity and what wii need for are Wii community. Keep going strong you guys!



Hack a Wii

My Wii

Hack Mii Wii


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Wii community: Population Growing!

It looks like the wii community is not going to slow down anytime soon. I’m going to have make sure not to add dead sites as those waste my time and your’s. I’m thinking of adding forieng sites to but those will be on a low priority scale for know as the english will come first because I speak english not jappanese. Sorry International Wii’res, you’ll just have to learn english for now.

Nintendo World Report

Advanced Media-Wii


Infendo [blog that’s very well know]


Wii news


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Wiibot Go!

Someone really has alot of time on their hands for this one. Some guys bult this robot that can swing tennis rackets and swords using the Wiimote. I would be scared to be in range of it while someheld the wiimote. Got to give these guys credit, this is preety sweet.


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