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Wii love goodies

    When you got your Wii, you probably wished the sensor cord was longer, that you had access to cheap quality component cables to plug in to you HD TV, or if you are living in a hot region, you wished you had something to keep your Wii cool. Video game Brando has plenty of decent priced accessories like base cooling fans or USB attached cooling fans. They also sell controller skins, component cables, and wireless sensor bars for less the $20.  The only products that cost more then $20 are the official Nintendo controllers and the LAN adapter.  They don’t sell many games yet unfortunately but that should change in time.

There is another site called Console Source that sells same, similar, different products from Brando that are cheaper, cost more, or it costs the same. Both sites are worth looking for what you might need.  You can also go to Total Console INC which sells a variety of accessories and mod cases but it is pricier then the other two.  Whatever site you chose to shop at, I hope you find what you are looking for.

Video game Brando 

Console Source

Total Console INC

$10 Wii component cables -Highly rated


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Modding Wii Love

Ever wanted to add a cool light to the power button on the remote or play import Gamecube games then read on.  To play import games, you have to insert a disk of your region first into the Wii. Then when the start button comes up you hit start and QUICKLY insert the Action replay or FreeLoader disk before or during the blue glow. If it you do it wrong you will go back to the menu and try again. Freeloader b works fine with out this trick but version B requires it.  I guess you don’t really need to keep your Gamecube for anything other the few online games for the Gamecube or The Gameboy Advance player. Have fun!

action replay demostration

Free Loader demostration 

Power Light button mod 

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All your mods belong to us

Our modders may one day take over the world with their crazy ideas and neat utillities. For now, they will have to take over the wii first before the world. Can they be stopped?! at least for a week so I can catch up.

Robosapian wimote suport


Wii mii editor

Identiying dvd chip for mod chip compatability

Homemade wii gun

Read RSS feeds on Wii


Wii/GC image unscrambler

Miieditor [good for making mii avators]

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Wii community still keeps on growing

Some more sites I found of the internet. I need to get a life. For know enjoy these sites

Modding: Wiimotemods




Connect Mii

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And So The Modding Continues…..

Mod communities is one thing that never dies as they are the ones still giving life to the technology. The Wii mod community is still growing strong so check out their stuff.

Wii Stuff

Wiivo online

CAG modifies Wii


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Wii Cheat, well you do

Now there are game cheat sites out there for your cheating needs when I come to the Wii.  I don’t cheat but these sites have interesting cheats and glitches to explore games. I like exploring games and it will be helpfull to others. Enjoy

Nintendo Wii Game Cheats

Wii cheat

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Wii’s in Libraries

This is the most strangest and interesting thing I found.  I don’t know what to say really but It’s great public libraries are taking an interest in the Wii.


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Wii still hack strong

Just like the websites for the wii, the hacking community still grows with many interesting things all for you. Hackers are an amazing set of people. They’re a center for creativity and what wii need for are Wii community. Keep going strong you guys!



Hack a Wii

My Wii

Hack Mii Wii


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Wiibot Go!

Someone really has alot of time on their hands for this one. Some guys bult this robot that can swing tennis rackets and swords using the Wiimote. I would be scared to be in range of it while someheld the wiimote. Got to give these guys credit, this is preety sweet.


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Mac connects your Wii to the Internet

This will be very handy for those who have Macs at home as they ccan be used as a wireless acess point for the Wii. There are quite a few steps to do this so you better get to know your Mac a little better. I’ll let Macrumors explain this for you.

Wireless internet with a Mac

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