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Wii love goodies

    When you got your Wii, you probably wished the sensor cord was longer, that you had access to cheap quality component cables to plug in to you HD TV, or if you are living in a hot region, you wished you had something to keep your Wii cool. Video game Brando has plenty of decent priced accessories like base cooling fans or USB attached cooling fans. They also sell controller skins, component cables, and wireless sensor bars for less the $20.  The only products that cost more then $20 are the official Nintendo controllers and the LAN adapter.  They don’t sell many games yet unfortunately but that should change in time.

There is another site called Console Source that sells same, similar, different products from Brando that are cheaper, cost more, or it costs the same. Both sites are worth looking for what you might need.  You can also go to Total Console INC which sells a variety of accessories and mod cases but it is pricier then the other two.  Whatever site you chose to shop at, I hope you find what you are looking for.

Video game Brando 

Console Source

Total Console INC

$10 Wii component cables -Highly rated


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Swiit Low Wii Accesory Prices

    There are some interesting products out there that are worth owning if you are interested. Who is not interested in a blue LED stand with built in fan to keep your Wii cool. Handy if your home  or place you live is extremely hot. You could get some cheep ten dollar component cables that are high quality. What ever you want their are some nice Items out their that should be considered.

Wii Crystal Cooler

Cheep component cable

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You will need help Shopoholics

More shopping for you wii shopers to handle. From conventional to homemade souviners for the wii family, you can make your wii a landmark in your home. By the time your done this genreation, your home will have been Nintendofied.Enjoy


Super Mario Brothers coasters

Let it Bii

Earforce headspeakers for Wii


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Window or actual shoping for the Wii fans

For those who have a shopping problem, I’m obviously not helping you by showing you tee shirts, paying for a mii, and a iternet lan adapter to connect to the interenet if you don’t like wireless. As of now, I don’t know how good the Datal’s lan adapter is compared to the Nintendo USB wi-fi conector, but mine USB has been fast and reliable. Have fun shopoholics and don’t get ripped off.

Lan adapter

Wii t-shirt

Mii Station

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Wii Shopaholics

I know it’s hard to get a wii or get anywhere near a store without being trampled alive but I have a few solutions to help you. Hopefully you will not have to risk your health for your wii fun. Be safe and have a good night.


Wii buy Christmass

Wii Frog

Body by Wii

Nintendo Wii locator

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Satisfy Your Wii Shopping Needs

It’s well known that Nintendo Wii’s are still hard to findout in the world. The popularity momentum has not stopped yet so one can only wonder how long this very high demand is going to last. If you all ready have a Wii but want stuff for it or Wii proff equipment for your butter finger’s needs then check out the links below. Good luck finding Wii’s everyone.

Wiimote prof lamp

Wiishop at Wiiinjury

Search for Wii’s at Target

Mii Buttons

Wii Tracker

Wii.ie Buy [European]


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Know your Freeloader

This is old news now but I forgot to put this up. For some of you who used the Freeloader on the GameCube, you experiance some issues when using it for the Nintendo Wii. Unlike the GameCube, the Wii is picky about which version is being used. So if you use the Jappanese version on the U.S Wii then it will not work. PlayAsia. com has a list of compatibility for each version. It will not work with Wii games so don’t bother trying but it’s conffermed that a Wii version is going to be made avialable. Be patient

Compatability list

Wiifreeloader news

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Mii Sculpture

If you want a little sovinere for your Wii then check this store out. The author will scultp the mii you want and you will get a little 6 inch figure mii. Here is the link


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