Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Modding Wii Love

Ever wanted to add a cool light to the power button on the remote or play import Gamecube games then read on.  To play import games, you have to insert a disk of your region first into the Wii. Then when the start button comes up you hit start and QUICKLY insert the Action replay or FreeLoader disk before or during the blue glow. If it you do it wrong you will go back to the menu and try again. Freeloader b works fine with out this trick but version B requires it.  I guess you don’t really need to keep your Gamecube for anything other the few online games for the Gamecube or The Gameboy Advance player. Have fun!

action replay demostration

Free Loader demostration 

Power Light button mod 


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Minigame on Wii Browser

On the Super Mario Strikers European site, there is a mini game which you can only access on the Wii browser. I don’t know if you can find it on the American site. GoNintendo reported the tip from some of their readers.  Try it out today!

Mario Strikers Charged Wii browser mini game

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Wiicommunity never dies

This wii community will never die only evolve and expand to beyound.more sites out there that need to be known to us all if we want a united community. More sites come out faster then I can update. Here they are.

Wii UK

Wii the People

Friendcodes Source

Think Wii

 pimp my Wii

N’Gai Croal’s Level up

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More Wiinternet tools for you!

Wii compatable sites will never stop. Everyone giving so much support for the wii and they deserve alot of thanks for doing these things for us. It is always good to have these Wiicompatable sites give featurews to the Wii so nobody will think twice to buy other systems for their entertainment features. Sure the Wii does not have these features by defualt but I think these sites make up for this. Here are some more entertainment for you.



Wiink [wii portal]

Wii’re gamers arcade

Doodle [game]

City Creator

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Glitch Loving

More glitches are being found in the games and they are quite crazy to watch. If you love to find glitches then these links are for you to watch.

Excite truck

Twilight Princess 1

Twilight Princess 2

Twilight princess 3

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New Channel Released!

Probably everyone knows by know since it has been three days since the channels release but to keep up to date, Everybody votes channel has been realeased for the Wii. This can be gotten in the Wiiwares section in the shopping channel for free. It does not take up too much space so don’t worry unless your wii is filled with virtual console games. The channel allows you to register up to 6 mii’s at a time to vote on subjects and compare your self to the world. You can also try to see how well tuned in you are by trying to predict the results. Great for those who want to be analysts someday. Another nice thing about it is you can send questions to Nintendo and it might apear on the channel. The resualts seam to take about 3 hours before they are uploaded. Download the channel today and join in the fun.


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Wii Demo’s ?

It looks like their is a possibility that Nintendo will allow you to download demos to your wii. You can store them in ether the harddrive or the sd card. A NOE speaker stated this. I’m mearly basing it on WiiareFree German website. Here is the translated artical.

“Wii owners with InterNet connection will be able themselves to download demo versions of Wii plays. There were assumptions already longer, now however is official it: Apart from Virtual CONSOLE plays Wii owners with InterNet entrance will be able to download also demo versions of Wii titles. This was confirmed by a speaker of Nintendo OF Europe opposite the “Games current”. One can store the demos then either in 512 MT the large Flashspeicher of the console or on a separately available SD map. Which demos make the beginning, Nintendo wants shortly admits to give. There one can be pleased drauf. Then one must rely with the purchase of a play no longer only on tests, but one can try the play out before then finally.”

Wiidemo’s comming soon

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Valentines for your gamer friends

Play-nintendo has been making valentine’s day cards out there to give to those close to you.  Personally though, make sure the person has a sense of humor before you give them away as not all are rated E.

Valentine’s day cards

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Watching on the WiiToob

A new video viewing site was made for the wii called Wiitoob makes viewing youtube video’s easy with big buttons and big print. This is another way to have fun watching tv. There is not alot to it right know but in time more functonality and presentation should improve and be added. Give these guys your support.


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Wii like Candy

A flash game site called Candystand has recently realeased a wii compatable websites with games that work with the wii. I have never played there games so I don’t know how they are but I hear they are good. Here is the site


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