Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Swiit Low Wii Accesory Prices

    There are some interesting products out there that are worth owning if you are interested. Who is not interested in a blue LED stand with built in fan to keep your Wii cool. Handy if your home  or place you live is extremely hot. You could get some cheep ten dollar component cables that are high quality. What ever you want their are some nice Items out their that should be considered.

Wii Crystal Cooler

Cheep component cable


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You can do it

One guy is try to lose weight by using the Wii while monitoring is physical activity and food intake.  This should be useful in showing how effective the Wii is towards helping you lose weight. It’s worth reading about his progress and I hope he loses the weight and stays at 190 pounds. Good Luck J.R.

Wii Weight Loss Plan

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Wii are a comunitii

There are plenty of good sites out there on the internet about the Wii but there are only a few that I constantly visit. These sites that I found have something about them that makes it worthwhile to check back often. They are not big but they have a lot of quality to them along with a friendly inviting atmosphere that makes you want to come back to them. I hope you join their communities and support them as they are worth while to have in the community.


Nintendo Gal

The Hylia {more then just Zelda}

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Tii’s for Mii

    You know you love your Wii because after all, you came to this sight. So why not show your love for someone using your Wii as a medium or show how much of a Wiid addict you are { DON’T DO DRUGS, KIDS!!!!}. They have short sleeved shirts at these following links to help you express your love or obsession. Be safe.


Mii Love

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I Return… to post

    It has been other two months since I last updated and I have been really busy with college and life so I have not had a lot of time to update. I also have been intimidated with all the content to but up but I have a plan to run this site without it interfering with my life. I’m surprised that people have still visited this sight and it gives me a good reason to continue working on it. I have new plans for this site to improve it’s design and make money off of it. I’m talking about video game ads that will hopefully be relevant to the Wii. I will make sure that they do not clutter the site but that will be latter. Another thing that I’m going to do is raise the font so it is more readable on the Wii. It will not be to big but it should be an improvement for those who view the site on the Internet channel. I will continue working on the site this summer while taking a psychology class to.  Welcome back everyone, I’m here to stay.

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