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Wii Demo’s ?

It looks like their is a possibility that Nintendo will allow you to download demos to your wii. You can store them in ether the harddrive or the sd card. A NOE speaker stated this. I’m mearly basing it on WiiareFree German website. Here is the translated artical.

“Wii owners with InterNet connection will be able themselves to download demo versions of Wii plays. There were assumptions already longer, now however is official it: Apart from Virtual CONSOLE plays Wii owners with InterNet entrance will be able to download also demo versions of Wii titles. This was confirmed by a speaker of Nintendo OF Europe opposite the “Games current”. One can store the demos then either in 512 MT the large Flashspeicher of the console or on a separately available SD map. Which demos make the beginning, Nintendo wants shortly admits to give. There one can be pleased drauf. Then one must rely with the purchase of a play no longer only on tests, but one can try the play out before then finally.”

Wiidemo’s comming soon


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different news for different languages.

The dutch site Wii and Mii discovered an interesting quirk about the Wiinews Channel. Depending on what language you speak, When you switch from dutch to english, you get more and maybe different articals. Not every country is getting the same news so if you want more switch to english or another language. here is atranslation of the artical.

Nevertheless but Wii “in English”?

After I this afternoon the update for the nieuwskanaal gedownload had, I found the number of nieuwsberichten but sparing. Then I came on the idea of changing the language of the Wii. The verchil between the number of nieuwsberichten in English are enormous. Hopelijk with arrival of more regional news in the “end version”, such as Nintendo it changes this formulated on their Internet site. On photograph mentioned below you can compare the number of bulletins.

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Valentines for your gamer friends

Play-nintendo has been making valentine’s day cards out there to give to those close to you.  Personally though, make sure the person has a sense of humor before you give them away as not all are rated E.

Valentine’s day cards

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Unite us all

Annother Mii trading site has made it to the net but this time it’s different. It’s kind of like an adress book where you can discribe yourself and alot of other stuff. This site strives to be a community. It’s got quite a nice interface and looks like it will have an big community. Come join it if you want.


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Wii community still keeps on growing

Some more sites I found of the internet. I need to get a life. For know enjoy these sites

Modding: Wiimotemods




Connect Mii

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Welcome foreigners

I cover the english first since I’m american and it’s hard enough as it is to cover english much less french. Well I have delayed long enough and added foriegn websites. I see what I can do about adding internation support for this site. Here are the sites.

Wii Brazil

Wii insider dutch

Wii and Mii dutch

Wii Italia

TGDB french

Wii4al german?

Wii Board dutch

Wii Forum french

Wii Galaxie french


Wiiarefree french

Nintendo 4ever french

Wiihack dutch

Wiimania french

Wii Portugal

Oh Wii french

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