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Wiii Have Moved

Yes I’m still alive and running this sites. I apologize for not being active enough on this site as I have always regarded this site as a side project and not a commitment. My family can use all the help they can get to make money so I decided to use my site as a way to make money. WordPress, Which is a great hosting network for those new to blogging, is stricted about being able to place adds  or use HTML on a blog. Blogger is the next best thing for me since it operates similar to WordPress, yet has more advance features. This site will move to the blogger network as of today. It will take time for me to repost all the posts from here but it will be done. Don’t worry, this site will still stay up for viewing the older posts but all new content will be here. I hope you like the new site because as of now, I shall update at least once a week so not more months at a time before I post.




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