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Wii Demo’s ?

It looks like their is a possibility that Nintendo will allow you to download demos to your wii. You can store them in ether the harddrive or the sd card. A NOE speaker stated this. I’m mearly basing it on WiiareFree German website. Here is the translated artical.

“Wii owners with InterNet connection will be able themselves to download demo versions of Wii plays. There were assumptions already longer, now however is official it: Apart from Virtual CONSOLE plays Wii owners with InterNet entrance will be able to download also demo versions of Wii titles. This was confirmed by a speaker of Nintendo OF Europe opposite the “Games current”. One can store the demos then either in 512 MT the large Flashspeicher of the console or on a separately available SD map. Which demos make the beginning, Nintendo wants shortly admits to give. There one can be pleased drauf. Then one must rely with the purchase of a play no longer only on tests, but one can try the play out before then finally.”

Wiidemo’s comming soon


February 11, 2007 - Posted by | other, Wiiconnect, wiifun, WiiNews

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