Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

VC Pains

As probably many have experianced already, not all the VC games are perfectly emulated. These are manly technical issues then one shouldn’t be surprised about. Some are serious while some are anoying. Here is a list of the issues for some of the games.

Mario Kart64: Double Speed- A glitch that used to happen on the origional was when you played 3 or 4 player 150cc at MooMoo farm where you would go faster then 150cc. It might be because the course was made differently then the others and fro the fact that the game is run accroding to the amout of players. So if you had four players then the game would be running four times. This game relies on the proccessing speed of the system so since the Wii is alot faster and since the courses were not optimized for the 3 or 4 player multiplayer, this happens. Not much you can due about it but make the most of it. Don’t know if it happens in any other course though nor if this is the exact reason.

A Link To The Past: Some report issues of having sounds going mute or some sounds lower then what they should be. Also their is reports of Links sprite disapering when he takes damage. I don’t have any explanations for this.

AlteredBeast: To play two player, press the + button on each controller.

BomberMan 93: To use the gamecube controller, hold r when at the vc screen before you press start.

TV issues: Depending on the HD TV you have you might experiance problems with component cables which might be because of some TV’s having issues with resolutions or 50hzr issues. One way to try to solve this is to change the wii from 480p to 480i.


February 8, 2007 - Posted by | Wii Issues, WiiNews

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