Your Guide to Understanding the Wii

Raving Help

Anybody who has this game knows that some of the minigames are broken or downright frusterating. So this is a help post for the glitched or frusterating ones with tricks. I am not going to cover ones like the slide or shearing minigame since that is human error.

Bunnies are slow to react: The secret here is to breack the modly bones by running into them so you can save alot of time and make it to the end.

Bunnies can’t close doors: Their are multiple things to know about this minigame to succede. First do not hit the door but hit the hitbox which is the door way of the toilet or the bunnieto make it simple.  The second thing to know is everytime you swing it makes an animation at the spot you swung. Even if you move it to the toliet before the animation is done, it will not register.

Bunnies are heartless to pigs 1 and 2: This minigame is clearly broken as the sound does not work or when it does, work the way it’s supposed to. Change the Wiimote volume to mute and a exclamation bubble will apear on Raymans head when your near a Bunny.

Bunnies are not ostriches: Though this one is not glitched, many have trouble because they swing the wiimote to much. You need to gentily turn the wiimote to move it at a stable rate. Not much other advice that is not obvious.

Score mode: There are some glitches in the game that make it impossible to get 100% in score mode. Only 94.5%.

Dancing games: Sometimes if your wiimote is not responding, try changing the hrz. White lights give 2 points, yellow zero and red minus 2.

Thats all for know hope it helps.


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